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Engineering Intern (3-6 months)



Brussels, Belgium
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2024

Who we are

Cowboy is a Belgian startup that is developing innovative electric bikes for urban riders. Cowboy’s main goal is to improve urban mobility and take commuters to their destination in a more enjoyable, sustainable and efficient manner.

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Adrien Roose, Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti, Cowboy is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Cowboy is the winner of the Eurobike 2017, the Red-Dot bicycle design award 2018 and the Red-Dot “Best of the Best” award for the Cowboy 2.

With traffic congestion plaguing metropolitan areas, electric bikes are proving to be the fastest means of transportation, beating cars and ground public transport. Cowboy’s vision is to elevate the daily commute to the next level in terms of speed, comfort and freedom of movement around the city. Cowboy enhances the riding experience by unifying intelligent technology, delightful design and meticulous customer service.

In April 2019, Cowboy launched its third model, the Cowboy 3, where it is sold in 8 countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom). In May 2021, Cowboy unveiled its fourth generation electric bike, the Cowboy 4.

In July 2020, Cowboy raised €23 Million from international investors (including Exor Seeds, the early stage investment arm of Exor, Isomer Capital, Future Positive Capital and Index Ventures) in the Series B round. Cowboy plans to recruit 30+ new talent in the next six months, scale operations, and expand its footprint across Europe through its Test Ride and Mobile Service networks.

The Role

We are seeking an enthusiastic Engineering Intern to join our team and contribute to the development of our diagnostic capabilities. This role involves hands-on work with our advanced test benches to simulate and study electrical failures, providing vital data to improve our diagnostic tools and customer satisfaction.

Since 2023, Cowboy has been enhancing its diagnostic capabilities with the “Check My Bike” project, a sophisticated tool designed to swiftly pinpoint issues in customer bikes. This advanced diagnostic software gathers data directly from the bike’s backend, queries the operator for relevant symptoms, and ultimately suggests a resolution. Covering a range of categories, including battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and mechanical problems, “Check My Bike” ensures comprehensive and efficient troubleshooting.

You’ll be focused on correctly diagnosing Assistance Issue. Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Conduct experiments on electronic test benches to simulate bike failures, analysing the output data (trips, DFCs, pings, etc.) to enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • Investigate diagnostic test runs performed before and after repairs to extract critical information, aiding in pinpointing failure origins.
  • Work closely with our engineering team to refine and implement your findings in our “Check My Bike” diagnostic tool, thus enhancing our overall diagnostic capabilities.
  • Prepare detailed reports and presentations on research findings for team meetings and stakeholder reviews.
  • Investigate and implement machine learning algorithms to automate the recognition of new patterns and trends in diagnostic data.
  • Explore AI-driven opportunities to enhance the customer experience by improving the accuracy and efficiency of problem diagnosis.