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Data Ecology Analyst

Dendra Systems

Dendra Systems

Sydney, NSW, Australia · Australia
Posted on Friday, October 21, 2022

Data Ecology Analyst

Dendra Systems is a start-up enabling global scale restoration of the natural world

We are looking for an enthusiastic Data Ecology Analyst to join our growing team on a part time basis.


The principal role of the Data Ecology Analyst will be supporting the development of digitised biodiversity assessments through the identification and verification of data related to indigenous and invasive plant species in the Australian ecosystem in collaboration with Dendra’s Data Ecology and SKAI teams.

Minimum skills and experience:

● Undergraduate or graduate in Environmental Science / Biology / Ecology / Forest Science / Geology or any similar background.

● Understanding of ecosystems and woodland environments in NSW, QLD and WA.

● Ability to identify different botanical species from ground and aerial photographs.

● Detail oriented.

● Familiarity with Google Docs or similar software.

● Above average computer competency (familiar with use of Windows +/- MacOS and installation of common software packages).

● Right to work in Australia.

● Excellent communication skills with demonstrated teamwork.

Preferred skills and experience

● Knowledge of characterisation of species and survey inventories.

● Some GIS background, e.g. familiar with the idea of spatial reference systems.


Work can be done remotely with only occasional meetings in the office required (NSW, QLD or WA).

Role type

Part time. Estimated minimum of 20 hours per week - no maximum.

This role allows for flexibility in when the work is completed during the week.


Dendra System believes that diversity builds strength, and this is already reflected in our international, interdisciplinary team. We look forward to building a strong team together.