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Data Scientist



Data Science
Posted on Sunday, March 24, 2024

Data Scientist

If you are interested, email jobs@twist.eco
We are looking for a data scientist/engineer to come onboard and join our growing product team. If you are an engineer who loves solving complex problems and want to have an impact on not just our customers but also the environment then we want to speak to you.
We know that no single discipline has all the answers needed to design out waste and grow hardware services, and we've found that the best new ideas come from dedicated collaboration between different fields. We firmly believe that to do that well, we need to build a diverse, empowered and cross-functional team.
Remote within the United Kingdom

Your role

You will have responsibility collecting, analysing and processing real-time streaming data from IoT devices and customer financial data
You will be implementing many small views over vast sets of customer data
You will be involved in every part of solving problems for our customers, from product to business to technology decisions being made
You will be part of a growing product & engineering team using the latest technologies and frameworks for delivering great software
You will help grow and influence the culture, not just in the product team but in the business overall
You will be learning new technologies and passing on your own skillset to others in the team
You will help architect a multi-tenant white-labelled SaaS with isolated data and access controls
You will be given the freedom to spin up new experimental prototype services for pilot customers
You will be given the opportunity and support to branch out into other parts of the tech stack

The Tech Stack

We’re using whatever technologies help us get working code to our customers quickly
For our data processing and analysis we are currently weighing up the different technologies and looking for someone to bring their own experience and opinions to the table
Currently we are using Pandas (Python) running on Databricks for rapid prototyping
For our platform we are using NextJS (React and NodeJS) with our APIs managed through GraphQL
Think there are some key tools we should be using? Let us know!

Your experience

You have experience processing streamed data in realtime as well as working on ETL pipelines
You have have an understanding of different data engineering technologies and solutions that are available to process and analyse vast quantities of data and where they can be used effectively (e.g. Spark, Hadoop, AirFlow, FiveTran, AWS Kinesis, GCP Dataflow, Databricks, etc)
You understand the importance of testing components, utilising unit, integration, and end-to-end testing models and continuous integration and deployment workflows
f you have worked in any setting involving data for financial risks, like leasing, would be a bonus
Twist is an equal opportunities employer and we would encourage you to apply even if you feel like you do not tick all the boxes.

The Package

We are offering a competitive equity package 0.5-1% and salary in the range of £65,000 to £85,000. We are organising ourselves as a flat engineering team and pay in relation to experience, skillset and responsibility

Our mission

We're helping electronics producers be better stewards of their products and the planet. Only ≈15% of electronics end up being recycled and an even higher percentage are left unused. These symbols of our progression as a society are responsible for our rapid environmental decay. We're here to change that.
Read our Memo here: https://www.twist.eco/blog/memo

Taking care of yourself

Health and happiness

We want to support your health and happiness. We’ll do everything we can to make sure our workplace is a source of fulfilment and inspiration. But we all need support outside of work too. Everyone's version of that is different, so we give you £100 per month to spend on what makes sense for you.
Time off
You get the time off you need. We trust you to support your team by resting as well as working. We want you to have control and be able to observe what’s important to you — including taking time off when your mind and body need a break. Some people need a bit more of a push when it comes to taking holiday, so your manager will make sure you take at least 25 days off a year and generally gloat about their latest hiking trip.
Effort and care
In a small team, we also rely on you to help your colleagues. That means checking in, following up when you notice signs of strain or stress, and being open and honest about your own feelings. The buck stops with Will and Seb when it comes to creating a happy company, but we will look to everyone to be kind, collegiate and caring.

Doing your best work

Push your limits
We have real dedication to our mission. We know that to realise it we need to push each other to do our best work. This means supporting and motivating each other to be braver and communicating clearly how we can each improve. We want to push past what you thought you were capable of.
remote first
We are working in a remote first model where we have set meetings which we all login to, including standups, pairings and end of cycle meetings such as retrospectives. We meet in person every 3 months to collaborate and hang out. There are also smaller hubs of people in Lisbon, Barcelona and London where employees meet up more frequently
A collective
We’re inspired by co-working and co-living movements that create friendly, collegiate communities without constraining them too much. You’ll be joining Twist’s collective, which connection, freedom, and a shared investment in all of us reaching our potential.